Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday - my first!!!

A good friend was recently admiring a necklace I had on that had a Lilly Pilly shell pendant on it - not actually a necklace I made myself, which is becoming a more common occurrence lately as I find myself not only addicted to artisan beads but jewelry by other artists.  A few days later, she gave me this pendant, said she wanted to see what I did with it.  I love the design on this shell pendant, it reminds me of Southwestern Squash Blossoms, a pattern or motif found in Native American jewelry. I'm from NM so that motif is near and dear to me.  I think I originally thought about trying to make the necklace reflect the SW, but when it came down to it, turquoise just didn't seem right, nor did coral.  I actually came up with this design when I was at my sickest recently.  I felt just awful, thought I had pneumonia, it was the second day I was home from work and I was so weak and out of it, I couldn't get out of bed.  And in that haze, this design came to me.  The garnet is very dark but lovely, I can't remember where I got it I've had it for so long.  The czech glass is silverish and just lovely, and the pale gray pearls are favorites.  I'm still staring at this piece, trying to decide if I like it.  Its growing on me...

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