Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday!

Here's what's on my workbench today - my third goddess necklace, this one for my sister, and the beads still to be added to it -

This little sweet bird is also still on my table, even though the necklace is finished and posted to Etsy.  She's not quite ready to go into my stash of product...doesn't seem like she should be shut in a box -

Lastly, these are the beads I bought last week locally, as well as a handful of Gaea beads.  I have one more large goddess pendant and these two sweet little goddesses.  No big ideas bouncing around my head on all these beads - waiting for my Marsha Neal and Karen Totten orders before I lay out more designs.

Happy Wednesday - what's on your Bead Table??

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