Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back to my roots

I posted several necklaces today, many of which I'd made quite a long time ago, some that were just re-listings of expired posts, but all of them were new photos taken outside.  These older pieces reflect what I consider my starting point or roots in jewelry making. When I first starting taking my jewelry making seriously, around the same time I moved to California, I worked with stone pendants, seed beads and stone beads exclusively.  I've since moved away from beading with seed beads, and on to wire wrapping.  When I made the switch, I took apart ALOT of seeded necklaces and converted them to wire wrapped pieces.  Most of the pieces I posted today came after that, so they'd be my first generation wire wrapped pieces.  I still love stones and I'll never stop using them, but I'm taking a break for awhile from stone pendants and using ceramic.  Ceramic just speaks to me more these days than the stones do.  But I'll come back - I have a lovely lapis pendant sitting on my work bench, calling to, waiting for the right beads and chain to come along.  In fact, maybe I hear it calling right now...

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