Sunday, March 11, 2012

Goddess of Earth, Sea and Sky

 I have, for whatever reason, never been a big fan of the goddess figure.  But Friday, I visited my favorite local bead store - Beads by the Bay in Morro Bay - and I found this lovely goddess pendant.  I love the figure here, I'm not sure why this one struck me like it did but it called out to me! And the swirl is one of my favorite symbols.

The funny thing about that trip to the bead store is that I only meant to buy bronze wire, which they were out of.  They were also closed when I walked up, but the lovely owner Susan opened the door for me and let me stay another half an hour.  I ended up buying several strands of beads, including the lovely aquamarine and wood I used in this necklace.  The dangle is a lovely rough opal I bought there too.  There's also a rose quartz in there and ceramic beads from Gaea.

I already posted this to my FB page, and I've gotten two orders for necklaces with this pendant!  I hope Susan isn't out of them, and I hope I can ignore the other beads this time and just buy what I need there!

Happy Sunday everyone, and happy beading!

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