Monday, May 21, 2012

out of my rut

I feel like I'm creatively in a bit of a rut lately.  I am continually drawn to the same color palette lately - an aqua color with some variation on brown tones.  The necklace below typifies this - a lovely medium brown pendant paired with variations on brown and aqua colored beads.  Its lovely - to me - but not outside my comfort zone.  And just why or how has that palette become my comfort zone?  I've never felt compelled to stick with one palette and yet time and time again lately this is the palette I end up with.  I'm also not sure why I'm bothered by this.  But I am.  So after I finished my bee necklace (which I'm keeping and actually wearing right now!)  I looked at the lovely bronze butterfly pendant I had sitting on my table from Lesley Watt at Thea Too.  I've had this piece for weeks now and just couldn't seem to come up with a design to go with it.  Probably because it is a metal pendant and not ceramic, and didn't quite fit my current color palette rut!  But as I looked at it and at the beads sitting on my table, inspiration struck!  Its an amazing pendant and calls to mind a big field of wildflowers.   I had just received some lovely lampwork glass beads from Pam Ferrari in a pale greyish purple tone. Once I saw those, the lepidolite squares jumped off the table at me and said "use me too." And yes, there's still the brown - but look at the vibrant teal color !!!   Ah, I've successfully veered out of that creative rut...feel better now...

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  1. I love both necklaces Grace! I took get hung up on certain colours soMetimes without even realising it. I looked at my shop stock recently and there are definitely certain colours that dominate. I have tended not to work with colours I don't wear myself and am trying to make a conscious effort to change that - I'm not making for myself after all..well, not always!