Friday, April 6, 2012

To Destash or Not to Destash?

I was going through my own jewelry box the other day, looking for something for my older daughter to wear to school, and I realized that I have a LOT of jewelry.   A LOT of lovely pendants with lovely stones.  A LOT of pieces that I invested a LOT of time and a LOT of money in.  A LOT of jewelry that I don't wear anymore.  I started to go through it all, an noticed that I clearly went through a "long" necklace phase, and I'm not there anymore, and not sure I'll wear those necklaces EVER again.  I found one of my favorite pendants that I've had for years,  it was in its second necklace (picture above), and I couldn't stand the sight of it!  Does that happen to anyone else?   I promptly took it apart and "repurposed" it (see after below).  I definitely like the new piece more - purple is more my color than fuschia, and I love brass and bronze so much more than silver these days.  I decided I might end up doing the same thing with the other pendants I just can't bear to part with.  But I thinking there's some pendants in there I could part with, so maybe I need to do a destash sale.  These necklaces are so different from my current "style," I have to wonder if any one will buy them.  But then I think maybe some folks might like this "old" style better, and will buy them.  I guess the only way to find out is to pull some of these pieces out of my jewelry box, take new pictures outdoors, and put 'em up on Etsy, see what happens.  Sounds like a lovely thing to do on a lazy Saturday morning.  Stay tuned!

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